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Revolutionary Temperature Regulation

Absorbs and stores heat before you start to sweat



The Future of Sleep Science

With 41% of North American adults sleeping hot, there have been no shortage of sleep products with cooling claims. Xirotex Cool’s smart textiles absorb heat energy before you start to sweat. Our mechanism of cooling the body is dynamic, so as your body warms up, the heat energy is pulled away from your body and as you start to cool down the heat energy will be release back, keeping your body at at optimum temperature to sleep. The most important cooling product is the one closest to your skin. SOMÉ Continuous Cooling Performance Sheets can manage the temperature around the body up to 5'. Our results are proven.

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The Future of Intelligent Thermoregulation 

Xirotex™ Cool SCIENCE

As the body starts to warm up, the heat energy emitted is pulled away from the body into the fibres in the fabric and stored before the body begins to sweat. If the body starts to cool down, heat energy is released back into the body. This action is dynamically regulating temperature through the night for optimal body temperature.

The vaporizing energy action ensures continuous cooling activated by heat and sweat. The body will be kept at the optimal body temperature.
This is the first of its kind technology in collaboration with well known textile innovators, only offered by SOMÉ and XIROTEX™. 


How XIROTEX Compares

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What people are saying.


Kendra S.

Such lovely sheets! I like the added elastic to hold the generous (deep) fitted sheet. They wash very well & feel cool and soft.


Lisa A.

I can't say enough about these sheets! My husband sleeps hot and I sleep cold, but with these sheets, we are both perfectly regulated. THEY ARE MAGIC!

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Jean D.

So much better!
Beautiful and they work miracles! Amazing sheets. I would highly recommend them.


Sarah W.

These sheets have been a godsend for both myself and for my partner. The temperature regulation works like magic!


Todd R.

FINALLY!!! Sheets that actually work to regulate my temperature! I was skeptical as I have tried many other brands, including Hush. We have tried mattress pads and cooling pillows, but nothing worked. I am blown away! 12 nights in a row, I have had the most comfortable sleep. These sheets do everything they say and more. Perfect for couples where one of us sleeps hot and the other doesn't. I feel like I go to bed in the most luxurious hotel chain and am now magically not hot all night and sleeping better than I ever have.

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Phil A.

I will never buy another brand of sheets again. I am hooked. These sheets keep me cool at night and there is no more waking up hot and sweaty!