30 Day Comfort Guarantee

Introducing SOMÉ’s 30-Day Comfort Guarantee – A Sleep Science Breakthrough

At SOMÉ we wake up every day with the singular mission of improving the lives of hot sleepers. Our dedication to this effort is underpinned by years of rigorous R&D. Our sleep technology has been proven in 3rd party lab tests and consumer trials to alleviate the symptoms that cause hot sleepers to have a disrupted sleep, through our XIROTEX family of technologies.

Our Lusomé fabrics powered by XIROTEX dry, eradicate the unpleasant symptoms of night sweats by rapidly pulling sweat and bacteria away from the skin surface through our fabrics into the air for quick evaporation.

Our SOMÉ sheet fabrics pull away and store heat energy before you start to sweat!

Our new 30-Day comfort guarantee is not just a promise, it is a testament to the scientific rigor that underlies our commitment to improving the sleep of the hundreds of millions of people that sleep hot.

Your Comfort is our #1 Goal!

Below you can delve into the details of our commitment.
    1. After 30 days if you do not notice an improvement with management of your night sweats or overheating, we want to hear about it. Of course, we can’t control every variable that goes into one’s personal sleep experience but we can help with overheating.
    2. If you do not believe that our products made any impact on overheating, please email info@thesomelife.com or call toll-free 1-833-512-8477 to work with our devoted customer service team.  We want to work with you through to satisfaction.
    3. All we ask is that you keep the original packaging, follow the care instructions outlined on the garment and on the sheets and initiate an email within 30 days of purchase.
    4. The cost to send an item back is the customer’s responsibility and clearance items are excluded.

Small Print….there is none.

No restocking fee
No hurdles
No tricks


All standard orders will be shipped four to five business days of confirmation from our team that they have received your order. If your order includes an item that we indicated will be shipped at a later date, we will only ship the entire order out together once the item arrives.


 Feel free to message us.